The Tales of the Jade Order


Upon reaching the first town past the mountains we were asked to help clear an infested shrine. They think it was taken over by trolls. Veoddyn opened the door and was surprised by large snake monsters. A number of the group were swallowed but the enemies were quickly dispatched.

The next room surprised our intrepid adventurers with a hydra. An initial burst of fire caused from damage. Neex confused the monster and the rest of the group swarmed it. The hydra quickly died. And that, as the say, is the rest of, the story.

A few rust monsters were feasting in the forge room. A sonic blast scared them off revealing a slightly magical fire bowl.

Meeting the Queen

Sold some items for credit at the market. Group Loot
While travelling north, the Queen met with us at night. We noticed a Jade Order pin in her cloak. She mentioned her sister was missing and we are to report to her if we find anything (we received a sending stone for this purpose). The sister has noticed that things are getting worse with the green then disappeared. We got a merchant charter to help us travel along with basic provisions. We are being sent as missives to get us to our destination without problems and without question. Our destination is north to the Queen’s sister’s city.

Stupid powerful darkbond!

An epic battle ensued after crossing the pit which resulted in Veoddyn falling. Shortly after brun cleared the obsucing mist, damaging some of the casters. Neex immediatly took advantage of the opening in the mist and launched a fireball, incinerating all the casters and gravly wounding the warmane. Assin and Filanash quicked finished him off.

Neex freed the children and was able to open the loot locker. (updated here)

Children's soul fountain

“You know you might be drinking children’s souls don’t you?” – Neex
“There’s no alignment in this game, I can become morally ambiguous at any point.” – Trevor

We further explored the cavern locating a grizzly tannery with human skins. A fountain with a magical rune was located. When Veoddyn drank from this, he heard children playing and felt refreshed healing some strength sapped by spider poison. An exploding barrel drew more spiders which were easily dispatched.

Near the explosion, a very large spider and her children attacked. An assassin snuck in stabbing Veoddyn then teleported out after being hit once. After killing the queen spider, the remaining children grabbed the egg sack and escaped into the ceiling. The following treasure was found:

  • 120gp
  • Remove Fear potion
  • Lesser Ability Mod potion
  • Barkskin potion
  • Undetectable Alignment potion
  • Rod of Modify Spell 3 charges

Another runic container with green slime was found to be controlling the spiders. Veoddyn destroyed it. More children were heard and the liquid cleared up.

Another room showed some sort of summoning pit with a small bowl for blood. It’s not really a normal summoning circle but perhaps for redirection of energy or communication.

An ornate bed chamber yielded nothing…but a secret door! We rested for a few hours.

No children were harmed in the making of this adventure
Session 7 - Do you hear that scratching sound?
There's a hole in the boat dear Liza.

Brun, Veoddyn, and Filanash decided to go on a fishing expedition for the goblins that have been trailing Skribble. Brun transformed into a mana ray in an attempt to follow the goblin boat.

Once we were out from shore a good distance Veoddyn and Filanash heard some scratching coming from the bottom of the rowboat they had borrowed from Skribble. Veoddyn quickly jumped into action and plunged his sword through the bottom of the boat hitting the boat for 8 damage. Filanash, bewildered and slightly shocked from this aberrant action decided it best to begin rowing back to shore. Brun (as a mana ray) attempted to attack the humanoid creature under the boat but missed with only a glancing blow.

The creature completed boring a hole the size of a Susan B. Anthony dollar in the bottom of the boat and Veoddyn skillfully used his wineskin and websplat spell to create a makeshift seal over the larger of the two holes to keep the boat afloat.

The creature leapt from the water at Filanash’s face but missed and sailed across the boat into the water on the opposite side. Filanash identified the creature as an aquatic goblin as it sailed past his face. Veoddyn then cast darkness around the boat and its inhabitants to no particularly useful effect. Filanash rowed the boat out of the darkness while Brun tried unsuccessfully to engage the goblin as second time.

Again the goblin attacked and missed with Filanash attempting an attack but missing as well. Brun finally grappled the goblin and landed himself and his captive in the boat where Veoddyn proceeded to perforate the goblin with his now-dislodged sword. Brun healed the goblin to keep it from perishing from blood loss as Veoddyn rowed back to shore.

The three adventurers brought the aquatic goblin to Skribble who was surprised to see it and even more surprised to find his good-faith loaned boat full of holes. The goblin was placed into a tub of water and confined until someone who can speak aquatic goblin could be found.

Everyone is level 4.

Session 6 - Skribble!
Where our adventures join the Order

Boris spoke with a Faen contact (Syll) and attempted to trade the armor for store credit. He was insulted with an offer of 35000gp in credit. After much deft haggling he settled on a decent price and began outfitting the party.

Talk around town is that the elders were kidnapped or disappeared. Speaking with the giants, some mercenaries came in and were paid to get rid of the goblins. They disappeared and a ransom note showed up. We suggested that they might be working with the goblins to extort the town and Boris did some magic who-ha to get more info. The leader (Gary) of the mercenaries has evolved charisma. They were going to Karone just from the isle of Knoll.

Skribble the faerie runs a charter boat and takes us out to some sandbars for trade in wine. We saw some lights on the sandbars and noticed someone following us. Brun Bogbubble used his cloak of the manta ray to swim over. The boat was beat up and had 14 goblins on board. He knocked them down with a gusting wind and returned to the charter boat to report. The goblins were gone before we could find them.

After returning, Skribble spoke with us after taking some precautions not to be noticed. He had a Jade Order pin. One of the goblins is smarter than the average goblin. The Order has been tracking them. He follows Skribble’s boat every night but doesn’t get close so Skribble isn’t good bait. The Order wants to know what’s happening. The skiff seems to be enchanted. Attempts to get close to it or burn it failed. Raygon is the name of the goblin but he may not really be goblinoid.

We each get a small Jade Order pin and are given the option to join. Anyone wanting one can take one. Skribble takes his leave with a “good luck boys.”


We should create a leveled up character in case we level mid-session next time. All people can level to 4.

Session 5 - Owlbears

After collecting loot and returning to the baroness we were asked to check out some strange goblin attacks in the nearby village of Northwind Hollow. Veoddyn was approach by Steiner, a member of the Jade Order and asked about the ledger and the millstone. During the travels four owlbears attacked the party. All members woke up in time and quickly dispatched all the monsters.

Session 3/4 - Zombies!

Entering the mill we found a number of undead-like creatures. During this two part session, we killed stuff. The guards were fairly easily dispatched so we began searching the building. We found two townspeople apparently unaffected by the evil magics of this place. In one of the rooms was a safe containing 20,000 queens, likely the money extorted from the town. The basement contained a significant amount of grain corrupted by necromantic magics.

The door to the milling room was warded and Jaise was severely injured when a ward of blasting went off in his face. Brun came to his aid and as the smoke cleared, we saw a four more of the creatures in the outer rooms, three terrible creatures oozing evil and the miller himself, a powerful necromancer. While the oozing beasts held us at the door, the wizard unleashed an assault of acid globes flung various members followed by a rolling ball of flame which manifested on top of Neex. It pursued him and his wolf Assin however their quick reflexes prevented any harm by it. Neex commanded his beast in a strange tongue while pointing to the oozing beats. A violent barrage from two of them kocked it to the ground slowly twitching. We managed to stop the oozing beasts but not with out nearly losing Jaise again and taking heavy damage to most of the rest of our party. Before we could reach the wizard, he began a ritual atop the mill stone siphoning the life force of his four guards. The Wizard was somehow protected from arrows during this ritual, causing them to impact some form of shield. Drawing on his inner powers in a last ditch effort to stop him Neex summoned a tiny construct from the voids which promptly charged at the wizard, its hands seemingly passed through the fiend moments before he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. The evil was over for now.

We still had to deal with the magics infused in the mill stone as well as the corrupted grain. Neex was able to translate an infernal note suggesting that the grain was being distributed far and wide. It seems this problem may be more widespread than we thought.

the aftermath resulted in the following items:

Neex 300gp
Nissa 300gp
+3 full plate of fire resistance and imp slick giant sized
Brun wand of infuse with life cast at level 6 with 42 charges
an oaken staff
Brun cloak of the manta ray
Veoddyn studded leather +2 death warding (pg 137 magic of faerun)
scroll with healing aura, ritual of life, fire seeds, ritual of despair
scroll with doorway to elsewhere
scroll of redemption from harm, death ward, roses of life, greater raise dead
Neex node crystal (spell reservoir)
Jaise ring of protection +2
Veoddyn ring of protection +2
Jaise bracers of lt fortification
Veoddyn arrows +1 x20
Mike sack of negotiating
Session 2 - Greenville Mystery

The players traveled to Greenville, a small farming town on the edge of a forest. Some of the townspeople had been disappearing and there was something fishy about the man who owned the large mill in town. In order to use his facilities you had to pay him and get a brand on your hand. Later in the day, a bell rang indicating that the mill was open and zombie-like people began walking toward the mill. They radiated some magic so we investigated.

Session 1 - Back Home

The session started with Brion, Leif, Ken, and myself returning from 5 years of mandatory military service. We went back to our hometown, a small settlement in the northeast. Mason, an old friend, arranged a homecoming celebration at the local pub and all but Leif attended. Not much had changed, still primarily a logging and mining town, but there had been some bandits active in the area, especially near the logging areas outside of town. Mason got rip roaring drunk after most of us called it a night. We had stayed in the inn for the evening and in the morning there was talk around the common room about a grisly murder scene at a logging camp. Mason was found unconscious but alive and covered in blood. A number of other men weren’t so lucky.

A trip to the jailhouse and then the local Baroness got us in to talk with Mason. He was being charged with the murder and was believed to be the leader of the bandits. He was still quite drunk. Some wilderness lore and a detect poison reveled we was suffering from minor alcohol poisoning. A detect magic showed a faint aura of an abjuration spell. We surmised that someone cast slow poison to extend his drunken state. Mason’s house showed all the signs of an alcoholic. Lots of drink and not much food and it was a mess.

We headed out to the scene of the crime. There was definitely a camp there but not much else until I spotted a couple of centaurs. They weren’t happy with our presence in their forest but remained somewhat neutral due to Leif’s presence. They said this wasn’t a logging camp; the loggers come, take the trees, then leave without camping. They figured they were bandits. We convinced them to show us where the rest of the bandits were hiding and we were warned that they were well equipped.

We got the cave where the rest of the bandits were hiding and it was an ambush. Leif entangled the bowmen hiding on ridge line while Ken and I dispatched the remaining bandits. One of them escaped and we captured another. The cave had a few stolen horses branded with the symbol of a local nobleman. The bandit indicated that the nobleman was in fact behind the thefts and was using Mason as a scapegoat to draw attention away from him.

Back at the Baroness’ we ran into the nobleman speaking with her. We levied charges on him and pointed out the horses and brought in the prisoner. He said that the horses were stolen from him a couple of days ago and the bandit was not a trustworthy source of information. Ken convinced the baroness that it was enough evidence to justify a search of the nobleman’s house so we went over there. Some disturbed moss and lichens showed us a hidden lever which opened a trap door. A number of stolen items and bandit gear was uncovered. This was enough to get Mason released and the nobleman put in jail.

That concluded the evening. There were one or two longer term plot points I may have missed, feel free to reply if you feel anything I left out was important. Also, Brian wants to get everyone a few levels quickly to lead into some longer term adventuring so everyone gets to advance a level even if you didn’t play last night.

Finally, I know a few of you are on G+. If everyone has an account, I can put the notes up there attached to an event if we’d rather use that for summaries and discussion. I’m open to other locations as well.


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