The Tales of the Jade Order

Children's soul fountain

“You know you might be drinking children’s souls don’t you?” – Neex
“There’s no alignment in this game, I can become morally ambiguous at any point.” – Trevor

We further explored the cavern locating a grizzly tannery with human skins. A fountain with a magical rune was located. When Veoddyn drank from this, he heard children playing and felt refreshed healing some strength sapped by spider poison. An exploding barrel drew more spiders which were easily dispatched.

Near the explosion, a very large spider and her children attacked. An assassin snuck in stabbing Veoddyn then teleported out after being hit once. After killing the queen spider, the remaining children grabbed the egg sack and escaped into the ceiling. The following treasure was found:

  • 120gp
  • Remove Fear potion
  • Lesser Ability Mod potion
  • Barkskin potion
  • Undetectable Alignment potion
  • Rod of Modify Spell 3 charges

Another runic container with green slime was found to be controlling the spiders. Veoddyn destroyed it. More children were heard and the liquid cleared up.

Another room showed some sort of summoning pit with a small bowl for blood. It’s not really a normal summoning circle but perhaps for redirection of energy or communication.

An ornate bed chamber yielded nothing…but a secret door! We rested for a few hours.

No children were harmed in the making of this adventure


fishslayer retrev

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