The Tales of the Jade Order

Session 1 - Back Home

The session started with Brion, Leif, Ken, and myself returning from 5 years of mandatory military service. We went back to our hometown, a small settlement in the northeast. Mason, an old friend, arranged a homecoming celebration at the local pub and all but Leif attended. Not much had changed, still primarily a logging and mining town, but there had been some bandits active in the area, especially near the logging areas outside of town. Mason got rip roaring drunk after most of us called it a night. We had stayed in the inn for the evening and in the morning there was talk around the common room about a grisly murder scene at a logging camp. Mason was found unconscious but alive and covered in blood. A number of other men weren’t so lucky.

A trip to the jailhouse and then the local Baroness got us in to talk with Mason. He was being charged with the murder and was believed to be the leader of the bandits. He was still quite drunk. Some wilderness lore and a detect poison reveled we was suffering from minor alcohol poisoning. A detect magic showed a faint aura of an abjuration spell. We surmised that someone cast slow poison to extend his drunken state. Mason’s house showed all the signs of an alcoholic. Lots of drink and not much food and it was a mess.

We headed out to the scene of the crime. There was definitely a camp there but not much else until I spotted a couple of centaurs. They weren’t happy with our presence in their forest but remained somewhat neutral due to Leif’s presence. They said this wasn’t a logging camp; the loggers come, take the trees, then leave without camping. They figured they were bandits. We convinced them to show us where the rest of the bandits were hiding and we were warned that they were well equipped.

We got the cave where the rest of the bandits were hiding and it was an ambush. Leif entangled the bowmen hiding on ridge line while Ken and I dispatched the remaining bandits. One of them escaped and we captured another. The cave had a few stolen horses branded with the symbol of a local nobleman. The bandit indicated that the nobleman was in fact behind the thefts and was using Mason as a scapegoat to draw attention away from him.

Back at the Baroness’ we ran into the nobleman speaking with her. We levied charges on him and pointed out the horses and brought in the prisoner. He said that the horses were stolen from him a couple of days ago and the bandit was not a trustworthy source of information. Ken convinced the baroness that it was enough evidence to justify a search of the nobleman’s house so we went over there. Some disturbed moss and lichens showed us a hidden lever which opened a trap door. A number of stolen items and bandit gear was uncovered. This was enough to get Mason released and the nobleman put in jail.

That concluded the evening. There were one or two longer term plot points I may have missed, feel free to reply if you feel anything I left out was important. Also, Brian wants to get everyone a few levels quickly to lead into some longer term adventuring so everyone gets to advance a level even if you didn’t play last night.

Finally, I know a few of you are on G+. If everyone has an account, I can put the notes up there attached to an event if we’d rather use that for summaries and discussion. I’m open to other locations as well.


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