The Tales of the Jade Order

Session 3/4 - Zombies!

Entering the mill we found a number of undead-like creatures. During this two part session, we killed stuff. The guards were fairly easily dispatched so we began searching the building. We found two townspeople apparently unaffected by the evil magics of this place. In one of the rooms was a safe containing 20,000 queens, likely the money extorted from the town. The basement contained a significant amount of grain corrupted by necromantic magics.

The door to the milling room was warded and Jaise was severely injured when a ward of blasting went off in his face. Brun came to his aid and as the smoke cleared, we saw a four more of the creatures in the outer rooms, three terrible creatures oozing evil and the miller himself, a powerful necromancer. While the oozing beasts held us at the door, the wizard unleashed an assault of acid globes flung various members followed by a rolling ball of flame which manifested on top of Neex. It pursued him and his wolf Assin however their quick reflexes prevented any harm by it. Neex commanded his beast in a strange tongue while pointing to the oozing beats. A violent barrage from two of them kocked it to the ground slowly twitching. We managed to stop the oozing beasts but not with out nearly losing Jaise again and taking heavy damage to most of the rest of our party. Before we could reach the wizard, he began a ritual atop the mill stone siphoning the life force of his four guards. The Wizard was somehow protected from arrows during this ritual, causing them to impact some form of shield. Drawing on his inner powers in a last ditch effort to stop him Neex summoned a tiny construct from the voids which promptly charged at the wizard, its hands seemingly passed through the fiend moments before he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. The evil was over for now.

We still had to deal with the magics infused in the mill stone as well as the corrupted grain. Neex was able to translate an infernal note suggesting that the grain was being distributed far and wide. It seems this problem may be more widespread than we thought.

the aftermath resulted in the following items:

Neex 300gp
Nissa 300gp
+3 full plate of fire resistance and imp slick giant sized
Brun wand of infuse with life cast at level 6 with 42 charges
an oaken staff
Brun cloak of the manta ray
Veoddyn studded leather +2 death warding (pg 137 magic of faerun)
scroll with healing aura, ritual of life, fire seeds, ritual of despair
scroll with doorway to elsewhere
scroll of redemption from harm, death ward, roses of life, greater raise dead
Neex node crystal (spell reservoir)
Jaise ring of protection +2
Veoddyn ring of protection +2
Jaise bracers of lt fortification
Veoddyn arrows +1 x20
Mike sack of negotiating


fishslayer BrionS

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