The Tales of the Jade Order

Session 6 - Skribble!

Where our adventures join the Order

Boris spoke with a Faen contact (Syll) and attempted to trade the armor for store credit. He was insulted with an offer of 35000gp in credit. After much deft haggling he settled on a decent price and began outfitting the party.

Talk around town is that the elders were kidnapped or disappeared. Speaking with the giants, some mercenaries came in and were paid to get rid of the goblins. They disappeared and a ransom note showed up. We suggested that they might be working with the goblins to extort the town and Boris did some magic who-ha to get more info. The leader (Gary) of the mercenaries has evolved charisma. They were going to Karone just from the isle of Knoll.

Skribble the faerie runs a charter boat and takes us out to some sandbars for trade in wine. We saw some lights on the sandbars and noticed someone following us. Brun Bogbubble used his cloak of the manta ray to swim over. The boat was beat up and had 14 goblins on board. He knocked them down with a gusting wind and returned to the charter boat to report. The goblins were gone before we could find them.

After returning, Skribble spoke with us after taking some precautions not to be noticed. He had a Jade Order pin. One of the goblins is smarter than the average goblin. The Order has been tracking them. He follows Skribble’s boat every night but doesn’t get close so Skribble isn’t good bait. The Order wants to know what’s happening. The skiff seems to be enchanted. Attempts to get close to it or burn it failed. Raygon is the name of the goblin but he may not really be goblinoid.

We each get a small Jade Order pin and are given the option to join. Anyone wanting one can take one. Skribble takes his leave with a “good luck boys.”


We should create a leveled up character in case we level mid-session next time. All people can level to 4.


fishslayer BrionS

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