The Tales of the Jade Order

Session 7 - Do you hear that scratching sound?

There's a hole in the boat dear Liza.

Brun, Veoddyn, and Filanash decided to go on a fishing expedition for the goblins that have been trailing Skribble. Brun transformed into a mana ray in an attempt to follow the goblin boat.

Once we were out from shore a good distance Veoddyn and Filanash heard some scratching coming from the bottom of the rowboat they had borrowed from Skribble. Veoddyn quickly jumped into action and plunged his sword through the bottom of the boat hitting the boat for 8 damage. Filanash, bewildered and slightly shocked from this aberrant action decided it best to begin rowing back to shore. Brun (as a mana ray) attempted to attack the humanoid creature under the boat but missed with only a glancing blow.

The creature completed boring a hole the size of a Susan B. Anthony dollar in the bottom of the boat and Veoddyn skillfully used his wineskin and websplat spell to create a makeshift seal over the larger of the two holes to keep the boat afloat.

The creature leapt from the water at Filanash’s face but missed and sailed across the boat into the water on the opposite side. Filanash identified the creature as an aquatic goblin as it sailed past his face. Veoddyn then cast darkness around the boat and its inhabitants to no particularly useful effect. Filanash rowed the boat out of the darkness while Brun tried unsuccessfully to engage the goblin as second time.

Again the goblin attacked and missed with Filanash attempting an attack but missing as well. Brun finally grappled the goblin and landed himself and his captive in the boat where Veoddyn proceeded to perforate the goblin with his now-dislodged sword. Brun healed the goblin to keep it from perishing from blood loss as Veoddyn rowed back to shore.

The three adventurers brought the aquatic goblin to Skribble who was surprised to see it and even more surprised to find his good-faith loaned boat full of holes. The goblin was placed into a tub of water and confined until someone who can speak aquatic goblin could be found.

Everyone is level 4.


fishslayer BrionS

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