• Boris Nezgethzerian

    Boris Nezgethzerian

    Wandering Merchant and Adventurer
  • Brun Bogbubble

    Brun Bogbubble

    Guardian of the Bog
  • Filanash "the Wanderer"

    Filanash "the Wanderer"

    Medium-sized Unfettered Sibbeci
  • Jaise Telfran

    Jaise Telfran

    Big and burly - a menacing sight in armor with warhammer.
  • Neex


    Quick witted Loresong with a staff in his hand and a smile on his face. His faithful dog, assin, seemingly never leaves his side.
  • Nissa


    Slightly crazy and chaotic Faen with a love of the elements and a love for her companionship with her wolf, Xeen.
  • Veoddyn


    A powerfully built yet lithe, pale skinned warrior